Linda Dorrington

Linda Dorrington – A Synopsis


I hate:

The nanny state

Dirty floors

Lazy people who do a half a job

Remembrance Day – I don’t believe in glorifying war, we should focus on finding constructive solutions to global issues not wallowing in nostalgia for tragically fallen soldiers.


I cry (ied) when:

I can’t have a hot bath or shower – I know, it’s inexplicable, but true.

My father died of stomach cancer

My best friend shot herself – She was 30 years old and just around the corner from me when she did it.

I’m afraid of:

Religious extremism and its increasingly polarising effects on our society

Sickness – Especially cancer


I love:

Art in all its forms

Red wine


To listen to my daughter play her violin


I admire:

My mother

Leonard Cohen

Nelson Mandela

I am angered by:

Government over-legislation which diminishes individual responsibility

I am puzzled by:

Apartheid in Canada – How is it that the First Nations minority in Canada qualify for so many rights and privileges which are denied the majority?  And it is not even as if these special concessions are helping them at all, they just increase their weakness and dependency on the state.

My strengths:

My strong sense of self which allows and encourages those around me to grow and give of their best too

My naturally positive disposition

My innate motivation

My strong opinions and inclination to express them

My weaknesses:

My mother says I tend to take on too much and put myself under undue stress – she’s right

My strong opinions and inclination to express them

My belief that I am right – quite often I am not and need to be reminded of this

I am quite serious and often think I need to lighten up a bit, well, a lot

I want:

To finish my novel and have it published – there I’ve said it.  I’m okay with verbalizing my desire to finish it; that is entirely in my own control.  Getting published, well, that will depend on whether someone else finds some merit in it.


When I have time:

I paint in oils

I write

What I don’t have time for:


Reality TV

What keeps me awake:

Something I have said at a dinner party, perhaps after one too many glasses of wine

What helps me sleep:

My sleeping tablet

The most important thing I have learned in life:

That it is short and incredibly valuable – make the most of every day

I majored in Journalism and Psychology at a small university in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and have spent twenty years working in communications, media and investor relations, brand and issues management, primarily in the mining industry.  My creativity and passion for writing have served my career well. Now I am giving my long nurtured desire to write a novel free rein to come out and play.

My first novel, working title “Mungo Joudry”, charts a transition in the life of one of the world’s most brilliant modern classical composers who has been hiding in plain sight for twenty years.  The scandal that drove him into hiding, just as his musical career was being launched, has never been resolved.  In a chance encounter one day, Mungo’s past collides with his present, and in him awakens a desire for revenge and for the past lover who was unwittingly at the centre of the crisis that drove him into obscurity.

Click here to read an excerpt from Mungo Joudry.


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