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About Me

Just look at that face.  How could an agent resist?

I co-authored my first book, an English mystery novel with my cousin at age 18.  Written on two old typewriters using carbon paper, it was a sure fire scheme (one of many) to make us a lot of money.  Surprisingly enough the offers didn’t roll in, but it was the start of my writing career.

Put that career on hold for 20 years.  With my wife and three boys, I have been busy with a teaching career, writing and directing school plays, building our log home and restoring a classic mustang.   For car enthusiasts – a 69 Mach 1.

I have always been a science fantasy fan, cutting my teeth as a youngster on the likes of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Andre Norton and Albert Otis Kline among others.  Although I continued to read the new fantasy authors, as the genre evolved, I tired of gnomes, elves, magic and the “evil dread growing in the west”.  So, as an answer to my problem, I wrote what I felt was the perfect science fantasy adventure – for me.  I think others will like it too.

My writing has continued with a variety of projects.  I have taken courses at The Humber School for Writers and Sheridan College, and been fortunate to hook up with this fine bunch of writers who, like me, share the desire to write and be published.

Below is a list of my writing projects, finished and currently in progress.  I will wisely omit that first classic, A Shunning of Beauty, written those many years ago.

Tempered by Feara completed novel

An adventure story with science fantasy/fiction influences – and just a sprinkling of romance.

On Zendar, a world of torrential downpours and soaring reed trees, the lives of three disparate men collide when the distant history of their world is inadvertently discovered.  

            As Andar, a common reed-smith, struggles with the death of his wife, his rebellious teen-age son, and the burgeoning womanhood of his daughter, Bonara, a powerful merchant, discovers a life-changing secret about the planet’s history.  Baron Grenfeld, a former rival of Andar, learns of Bonara’s discovery, and the opportunity for power, and revenge against Andar, can’t be ignored.  When Andar’s daughter is kidnapped, the quest he undertakes to find her becomes a voyage of self-discovery as he is drawn into the terrifying history of the planet’s past.  A history that threatens the very existence of his world.

Click here for a sample of “Tempered by Fear”.

Teacher’s Peta completed novel

A suspense thriller – with a little more than a sprinkling of romance.

David never wanted twenty hostages, Robert and Julie never wanted to be heroes, and Jim didn’t want to die.  None of them had a choice in the matter.

            Teacher Robert Korenic broods that his drinking and womanizing life style is threatened by the unwanted romantic attraction he feels for colleague Julie Simpson.  Julie has attracted the attention of arsonist and drug addict David Pierce who is obsessed by Julie’s uncanny resemblance to a former teacher who sexually molested him when he was a student.  David stalks Julie, and when his advances are rejected, Robert, whom he views as his competition, becomes the target. 

            Trapped in the school during a Saturday morning practice, Robert must play a deadly game of cat and mouse in a frantic effort to save Julie and the children.  However, on that Saturday morning, as David assaults Julie and terrorizes the children, one thing becomes very clear to Robert; he loves Julie Simpson and will do whatever it takes to save her.

Click here for a sample of “Teacher’s Pet”.

Teacher’s Peta completed screenplay

Based on the novel, surprisingly it too is a suspense thriller – with a little more than a sprinkling of romance.

Change of Heart – a screenplay in progress

A quasi-medical suspense thriller – with, you guessed it, a sprinkling of romance.

When Patrick Cormack, desperately in need of a new heart, is offered a transplant and a million dollars for his trouble by a private clinic, it seems like a no brainer – until he reads the fine print.

In Change of Heart, this life changing decision doesn’t come without its consequences.  To find out what they are sit back, do some readin’ and writin’ and stay tuned.

North – a novel in development

 – (which means I am not yet ready to start putting pen to paper on this one – not yet)

A more literary adventure/thriller – sadly without the requisite romantic sprinkles.

Three sons come to terms with a long held secret when they are forced, by the will of their deceased father, to travel “north” to Algonquin Park in order to scatter his funeral ashes.

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