Just Another Useless New Year’s Resolution?

In Uncategorized on December 31, 2010 at 10:28 am

 So, you’re going to give it another shot.  “This year I am going to complete my …blah, blah, blah, blah. blah.  Kinda like that one where you are going to lose weight, ehh?  So let’s get real.

If you are going to make another writing resolution, before you do, ask yourself a couple of questions.  This is particularly important if you have made those writing resolutions in the past and failed dismally.  How badly do you want to write that book?   Is it REALLY important to you?  Are you hungry enough?  Do you really need to tell that story?  Do you just have to write?  Do you WANT that fame and adulation – and money!!!   Do you have the answers?  OK.

Lots has been written about how to create a routine, get up an hour early, close the door, tell everyone that it is your time and space, etc. so I am not going to go that route.  But if you are serious about making a writing resolution, I want to get you focused on what it is really about.  And that is priorities and balance in your life.

Married?  Kids?  New job?  Taking care of elderly parents?  Single.  Retired? 

We are all in different stages or circumstances so be realistic about what you can and can’t do.   Don’t set yourself up for failure.  If your lifestyle allows for writing four hours a day, more power to you.  If you have just had a baby (see Leann’s article for help) then be realistic.  The key is to make the writing resolution attainable.   If you do this, and you accomplish it, even a goal as simple or small as one page a day, then the routine is established.  The progress becomes evident.   The synergy is self perpetuating.  You are a New Year’s Eve success!

But a caution.  If it is attainable, and you don’t follow through, then you have to deal with this truth.  You are not that hungry – you really don’t have to write.  The money really isn’t that important.  This kind of discovery might be a reality check – which is pretty healthy.  We shouldn’t fool ourselves.

This kind of self discovery isn’t all bad.  It might be disappointing at first, but it might just free you to examine what you really want to write or do.  Ditch the novel you have been struggling with for five years.  Maybe it is time to try a screenplay.  Maybe you want to take that course on cooking that you have always put off.  This admission might just free you.

I believe what is important is balance in our lives.  That it comes down to priorities.  Changing priorities that we need to be aware of and adjust.  When we can do that, and we are in the right place and time or circumstance, with the right resolution (goal) then I think the muse will strike and we will write.  My experience with writing throughout the years has proved to be like that for me.  

So be honest about where you are right now, give that resolution some thought, and HAVE a happy writing new year.


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