Writer’s Inspiration

In Uncategorized on December 19, 2010 at 4:54 am

Look here every Saturday for a weekly writing exercise that can get you warmed up and inspired to return to your novel, or it could even serve as your next chapter!  When you complete the exercise, share it with us by posting it on our blog.

  1.  Choose ONE word that most appeals to you:

Tree               bread                    necklace              papaya                 elephant              costume

        Volcano                couch                    tire                         dipstick

  1.  Choose ONE setting that most appeals to you:

At a zoo                        During WWII                      On a spaceship                  Under a starry sky

                                        On the beach                     On a subway

  1.  Choose ONE of the following phrases that will  begin your piece:

If I could start again…

The lightning struck…

It was the last day…

He started the car…

She flicked the switch…

Start your story with the chosen phrase, and incorporate the setting and word that you chose.

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