Grisham a no show at Second Annual Christmas Party

In Uncategorized on December 18, 2010 at 7:24 pm

Yes, dear readers, John was a no show at the annual WriterstoAuthors Christmas Party.  We sent the invite priority post, but there is the possibility that Canada Post lost it. 

Nevertheless we carried on.  Emily and Linda battled through the snow together arriving first.  Duane followed shortly thereafter, and AN HOUR later Andrea and Leann wearily pulled into the driveway having first visited Hamilton then Burlington on an interesting, somewhat round-about route to my house.  When asked if they would like something to drink, dear sweet, quiet Leann blurted out, “Alcohol, something alcohol”.  Guess it was a little trying.  I should point out that they have been to my place at least three times before.  It must have been the snow that unnerved these intrepid two.

Speaking of alcohol, although we never imbibe during our regular meetings, this was a meeting/CHRISTMAS PARTY, and so by the time everyone arrived, well let’s just say that I had started celebrating early.  That is my excuse for not remembering who presented me with the Cadbury Cookies and the Toblerones.  Now I am sure I thanked them but just in case – thank you, I love you guys. 

I know I thanked Leann for the home-made cookies (carefully baked by her husband I might add).  His secret to these mouth-watering beauties – a Cadbury’s caramel baked right in the middle of each one!  They were a hit with my wife.  Leann did mention to me, as an aside, that he makes them for the staff at his school where he teaches – but she is sure it is just to impress them – you know – that a man could actually bake cookies.

Many topics were covered, particularly how we could improve our blog site for you cherished readers.  We came up with a number of ideas, some of which we have already put in place.

Having moved to the dining room table, I handed out the mystery envelopes to each member.  I had cleverly made up an assignment for all.  To write a poem (secretly) about another group member (names chosen – secretly).  It turned out to be an interesting, frightening, laborious task, loved and despised by one and some.  The reading of them was fun however, so I was vindicated.  Leann showed off her knowledge of us by accurately guessing who wrote which poem about whom.  Clever girl.  (A line from the movie ———–)  Duane will know which movie.

The critiquing that night was unfortunately short, even though the meeting party went long, I think it was a success.  Not bad for a bunch of wannabe writer/authors who signed up for a course and ended up friends. 



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