Natalie’s Nook- Entry 2

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2010 at 3:03 pm

That’s it, I’m quitting my job.  Even Hank, my junior assistant, is fed up and he’ll put up with almost anything if it means he could try shoes on all day.

They gave us our bonus cheques today and mine was less than thrilling- in fact it was insulting.  I even considered giving it back to them, you know, to make a statement.  But then I looked at my bank statement and remembered those self-help books I bought last month and thought I should probably keep it to be on the safe side.

Even so, we all deserve better- I definitely deserve better.  After all I’ve done for the company.  If I hadn’t told them last month that they put the decimal place in the wrong spot we would be paying our chin- er- outside manufacturer a fortune for those oriental prints.

Yes, I have decided I’m quitting tomorrow.

Actually, I think I should stay on until at least the Christmas party.  They always have really good raffles and I have already bought my Kris Kringle gift.

Yes, I will quit the first of January.

Though, they are picking someone for that Marketing Internship on Valentine’s Day, and I did really want to get that.

But, if I don’t get it I am definitely quitting come Spring.

But, they do give out those fab promotional shoes at the Spring Fashion Show.  Not that I can fit in them, but I always get a good bit of pocket money from selling them to Cheryl.

So, I’ll have to quit in the summer.

Though, we do have summer hours and I love going home at 3:30… I mean, what if they don’t have Holiday hours at my next fab job?

So, I’ll quit in the Fall?

Yes, definitely in the Fall.

But, then I would only be a few months away from getting my Christmas bonus.  I mean, I’ve worked this hard all year, I might as well wait for the bonus.

So that’s decided.  I’ll quit after I get my bonus.

  1. I’m sorry they don’t appreciate you at your work. Good luck with everything! 🙂

  2. Emily this is genius! Is Natalie based on anyone you know?

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